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   We are proud to offer free ASVAB practice test. Our soul objective is to help you prepare for the ASVAB. The US Military uses the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) to test individuals wishing to join the US Armed forces. Even enlisted members will have to re-take the ASVAB if their individual ASVAB scores are not qualifying.


  • Written about 12 hours ago
    3 days until I take my #ASVAB ... holy crap. via @karinap_66
  • Written about 13 hours ago
    Apply now to work for WyzAnt as #ASVAB Student in #NewYork #jobs http://t.co/bWbegU6Cv8 via @NeuvooInternUS
  • Written about 16 hours ago
    What was the original price for the lawnmower? Answer: $356.67 #ASVAB x*0.6 = 214, x=214/0.6, x=356.6666 via @theasvabman
  • Written about 19 hours ago
    Word Knowledge: to make public or to make known = divulge #ASVAB #USMarines http://t.co/Q6HhujTlhF via @theasvabman
  • Written about 22 hours ago
    Class this week :) #asvab 📚 via @Dark6kin19
  • Written about 23 hours ago
    John wants to buy a lawnmower. The sale price is $214 and is marked at 40% off. What is the original price? #ASVAB #Navy #Army via @theasvabman